Hometown General Discount Scammers!!!!!

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I ordered a Tops rolling machine from this company through Amazon.It was clearing listed as new and unopened.

I have ordered this exact cigarette rolling machine from 2 other companies in the past and I can tell you this one was NOT new and the $10.00 discount coupon advertised on the box was missing.

I've noticed on their site, every negative reviews says issue resolved or working with customer to resolve issue. The owner always replies with that answer just to make it seem like they care.

That is B.S.Beware of this company and Do Not buy anything from them!

Review about: Tops Cigarette Rolling Machine.


Spring, Texas, United States #618821

i order a lot of smoking stuff and cool grinders and stuff there fast and the customer service is the best on amazon, jus because theres one bad experience of 10 000 doesnt mean a company is a scam


I just received a wrong order from your company through Amazon Mr.Nasser and Amazon has no phone # for your company.

Also, I can find no contact info on Hometown General on the internet so that I can attempt to get my order corrected.I find this rather disconcerting.



I am the owner of Hometown General Discount.

My theory of the above alleged complaint is: This review must of been put up here by a competitor of ours on Amazon.com. Out of over 5300 reviews, we have less than 150 total unsatisfied customers, for one reason or another. Some of those customers were sincerely unsatisfied, and we issued them a refund. Others could of been scammers trying to get something for free, and we didnt go for it. The above alleged customer says he got a used machine as new. We WILL NOT RISK THE THOUSANDS OF ORDERS WE DO A MONTH ON AMAZON FOR A SIMPLE FEW DOLLARS. IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

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